Art as a statement against patriarchalism. Art as a plea for a world of self-determination and equality. For a world of female power and courage for the utopia of a peaceful living for all. For life. For love. And freedom of mind.


Works on paper – with pastel crayon or ink, collaged or in classic watercolour technique – the basis of my work is always the drawing. Direct and expressive, always at the transition between figure and abstraction.


Works on canvas – the key to my work is always the drawing. Therefore my works on canvas can rather be described as painted drawings or drawings on canvas.


Figures made of stainless steel or rust – the human being in relation to his environment. In relation to his living space, his spatial or social environment or his inner soul space. The vivid figure contrasts the severity of the architectural structure we live in.


Sommeratelier in der Malzfabrik

Das Sommeratelier ist eröffnet. Die Malzwiese, das jährliche Sommerfest der Malzfabrik, war wieder ein wundervolles Fest. Bei strahlendem…

Drei Grazien tanzen wieder

Drei Grazien tanzen wieder. In der Malzfabrik. Nach zehn Jahren über den Dächern von Berlin haben die Drei…


Unter dem Motto "MACHT KUNST" hatte die Deutsche Bank Anfang April in ihre neue Kunsthalle Unter den Linden…
offenes Atelier November 2012

Work in progress

Offenes Atelier am 10. und 11. November …