Unhappy enchantress, golden-curled nymph or seductive femme fatale – the images of women associated with the Loreley myth are diverse and full of contradictions.

The Loreley – reinterpretation of a myth

The reinterpretation of the Loreley as part of a competition to design a statue of the Loreley in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site is intended to reflect the various facets and evoke associations with the stories that are anchored in the minds of visitors. With its magnificent hair, mermaid fin and lute, the sculpture symbolizes the Loreley as a mysterious hybrid creature – attractive and untouchable at the same time.

Two-dimensional shapes, cut out of Corten steel, are folded and interlocked to create a multi-layered three-dimensional figure that reflects the multifaceted nature of the Loreley. The different viewing angles in combination with constantly changing shadows result in an infinite interplay of shapes that constantly creates new figures in the viewer’s eye.