The Power of the Art


At the beginning of April Deutsche Bank invited all artists to its new „Kunsthalle“. Every artist who delivered a work of art there from Friday morning to Sunday evening would take part in the 24-hour „MACHT KUNST“ exhibition in the rooms of the former Deutsche Guggenheim.

It was to be expected that I would not be the only one to accept this invitation. But what actually happened outside the gates of the „Kunsthalle“ exceeded everyone’s expectations. When I arrived there with my work half an hour before opening, a queue of art and artists had already formed on Unter den Linden, stretching all the way to Bebelplatz. And when, after two hours and 345 submitted works, the capacity of the exhibition rooms had long since been reached, artists were still streaming towards the Kunsthalle from all directions on foot, by bicycle or in vans from the relevant Berlin car rental companies with their works.

What a demonstration of creative energy – the bank building encircled by the hungry mob of artists – a friendly takeover of the bank by the power of the art.

Quite impressed by the concentrated power of the art, the exhibition organizers decided to organize a second exhibition that would make it possible to show all the works submitted that weekend. No one should have had to wait for hours in the freezing cold for nothing. By Sunday evening, a total of 2,146 artists had responded to Deutsche Bank’s call and submitted their works. On display in the second part of the „MACHT KUNST“ exhibition in the „Alte Münze“ from April 28, 12:00 noon to April 29, 12:00 noon. 24 hours non-stop.

And the same prizes have been offered for the second part of the exhibition as for the first: 3 x a two-week exhibition in the Kunsthalle studio, selected by a jury of experts, and the audience prize (a studio grant for one year, endowed with EUR 500 per month), determined by the votes of the public, which can be cast on site.

And, regardless of which artists win a prize at this exhibition, one thing has become clear from this campaign: Art needs more space. Much more space! And for those who are afraid of paying too much tax: How about setting up an exhibition hall, or a foundation to promote art and artists. Or simply buy a few works of art. MAKE room for ART.